@|6: The Fail

The best way to begin this is by explaining the title of this post.  The three characters in the beginning are @ (read: at), | (called “pipe”, but it’s known to the company as “break”), and 6 (if you don’t know what this is, we’ll enrol you in kindergarten).  Pronounced At-Break-Six, it’s the name of our organization.  So now you must be asking yourself, “what does this mean?”  “how did it come to be?”  “in what way is this relevant to their products?”.  Well, it doesn’t really mean anything.  Ergo, it’s not relevant to the products.  Truthfully, the name was invented when Tom was discussing the time he’d purchased AIG stock with Ed.  Eventually, Ed began laughing at Tom over AIM and began writing in l33t.  So the two began an impromptu competition on who could make the most leet AIG title.  The best it got was @|6.  Then Tom read it aloud.  And it was good.

So that’s how @|6 came to be.  The second part “The Fail” denotes the events that just occurred.  All the posts prior to this one were hosted by WordPress under the address http://irrelevantpoint.wordpress.com.  But @|6 is my organization and I decided that I wanted to host our musings there.  So I tried to create a new blog with that name and address.  You cannot imagine my horror when I discovered that somebody else had already claimed this domain.  How could this possibly be?  @|6 doesn’t mean anything!  In any other use, this name is absolutely stupid!  So I decided to visit the existing https://atbreaksix.wordpress.com.  (if you just clicked on that, I applaud your mind-numbing obedience to hyperlinks)  There was nothing there.  Somebody was squatting on the domain.  I couldn’t believe that people would actually do that on WordPress.  What the hell?  I began drafting a message I would send to the owner about it, so I scrolled up to the top of the page looking for the link to the author.  And I found him.  And he was me. 

Damn it.

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