Vox Novus

Oh boy!  Latin.  atbreaksix just got classy.  (That’s not a capitalization error, the company name is atbreaksix.) 

Nah, I’m just kidding, we could never be classy.  But that’s not the purpose of this article, no, the purpose of this article is to explain why I’m always saying we. 

As it was, this was a company of one.  Forever alone.  But I had always planned to have multiple writers posting to atbreaksix.  The first on the list, the one that I’d always planned on having write, despite his resistance, just joined up. 

Please, put your hands together for: Supdawg216.

Sometimes I bloody hate him.  Seriously?  “Supdawg216”?  I actually asked him after I saw it in the list of atbreaksix authors and he replies:

first thing that came to mind

So short.  Painfully blasé.  But that’s him.  That’s my best friend.  That’s the new author.  That’s Ed.

But who is Ed?  Well, I know him better than most.  We share something akin to a telepathic bond reinforced by general ridiculousness.  To objectively describe him, he’s an Asian-American (pacific islander [this argument gets stupid after a while]), an engineering student at UCI (close enough), and all around brilliant guy.  But he is bloody lazy.  Really, really lazy.  But we’ll gloss over that.  Except for when I make references to it in my posts.

But that’s Ed.  He’s a gamer, a driver (car aficionado), a mathematician, an introvert, and one of the few people who put up with my unique brand of insanity that has both prevented many relationships and allowed us to do some really insane stuff.  But that’ll probably end up in a future post, or posts.

So, get ready for him.

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