Vox Antiquus

Forcing myself to write at the moment to keep the semblance of regularity on this blog.  (I despise the term “blog”, but I also dislike saying “WordPress” and anything else is much too pretentious for my three daily readers.)  Less though than regularity, as a schedule has yet to be established and maintained, I’m simply trying not to allow weeks to go by between posts.  At the moment, I believe it’s only been 8 days. 

Onto the point of this post, look at the title.  Does it seem familiar?  Well, if it doesn’t, I really don’t know what to tell you.  Something like three months ago, I wrote an article called Vox Novus.  The purpose of which was to inform you, dear reader, of a new writer for atbreaksix.  Sadly, albeit predictably, this wish of mine never materialised.  See, Ed, while brilliant, is lazier than the dead.  So any requests to write were met with acts of procrastination and much gnashing of teeth.  This far into the game, I feel that I shouldn’t even bother asking anymore.  No, I, Major Failbucket, Captain TomAwesome, and the myriad of other personas and nicknames I’ve romped around as, will continue alone.  And likely go down with this ship, but whatever.  If anything, I will continue to write only so that my brain doesn’t turn to mush.

Perhaps, once I’ve finished Kitchen Confidential, I’ll talk about it here.  That seems like a marginally, if not painfully mediocre, good idea.  I could use this place to write about the incredible book list I’m racking up this summer.

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