While it’s a little early for me to write a review for The Amazing Spider-Man, I think the internet and it’s lack of time-consciousness (ex. Duke Nukem) has given me permission to start talking about movies and other things before they’ve become available to the public.  Let the rumor mill begin.


Well, I’ve been loosely following the development of The Amazing Spider-Man for about five months now and my opinions on the film have changed greatly over this time.  At first, I didn’t think much of the film, believing that the Spiderman market was oversaturated because of the last decade’s trilogy.  Then, after seeing leaked set pictures of Andrew Garfield in his suit, I grew upset with the casting.  All I could think was that the producers had actually managed to get the one actor in Hollywood who seems weaker than Toby McGuire.  Suffice it to say, I was not thinking much of this film.


So, my initial feelings for this film fall between indifference and passive indignance.  Then along comes the first trailer:

And now I have high hopes for this film.

Starting with the shot of Peter and his parents, I’m already enjoying the casting of this film.  Peter’s father is being played by Campbell Scott, whom I like for his work in Royal Pains and because he looks like Liam Neeson.  More than Scott though, I’m enjoying that they’ve cast Martin Sheen to play Ben Parker.  Though I’m sure that it will break my heart to watch Sheen die, I’m bound to enjoy every bit of dialogue he has in this film.  Finally, there’s Emma Stone playing Gwen Stacey.  After seeing her performance Easy A, I’m pretty sure that she’s my favorite young actress.


While I’m still unsure of how entertaining Andrew Garfield’s part will be, and by the last forty seconds of the trailer employing some painful CGI, I have fairly high hopes for The Amazing Spider-Man. 

I’ll be sure to write more on this as further information and trailers are released,

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