This is a bit awkward for me.  There’s a film adaptation being made for a young adult novel that I haven’t read.  (In my defense, the series is on my list.)  That doesn’t happen very often.  Yet here we are.

So, after a bit of online research and quizzing my younger brother (who has read this series), I think I have a general idea of what takes place.  It’s a bit like The Running Man and Gamer and Battle Royale and a multitude of other novels and films and television programs with a premise of a selected group of people fighting for somebody’s entertainment whilst the lives of those engaged in combat are in jeopardy.  However, unlike its predecessors, The Hunger Games has been a huge success among North American young adults.

What takes place?  Well, if you’ve never heard of the examples listed above, here’s a brief synopsis.  The story takes place in a dystopian future (rather played out in modern young adult novels) called Panem (the ruins of modern-day North America).  There, an annual reality television program called the Hunger Games are held in which one boy and one girl are selected from each of the twelve districts (states in Panem) and are forced to fight to the death with the other competitors until only one is left standing.  Beyond the basic premise, we have some character action that bores me.  The lead protagonist is a female archer/huntress who’s entangled in a love triangle with two males, a hunter and a baker.  Ergo, my hyper-simplified mind has turned The Hunger Games into a dystopian Twilight.

Evidently, I’m not particularly excited about this film.  Well, not the story at least.  That said, there are a few good points.  The first is Danny Elfman.  I’m a fan of his work and have high expectations for this film’s score now that his name’s attached to it.  Aside from the magically musical ginger, I also took some enjoyment in the brief and pitifully vague trailer (called a “motion poster”).  With a motion poster instead of a trailer, I’ve no idea how impressive the cinematography may be, but I’m hopeful.  If the story doesn’t satisfy, perhaps the visuals and musical accompaniment will.

I will update as the studio releases information.  Anticipated release date is March 23, 2012.

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