Hey, I’m sure you’ve already noticed something’s wrong.  (Nope, almost nobody checked atbreaksix today.)  To elaborate, the page is lacking a review of one of the films that came out last night.  There’s a perfectly good reason for this: I didn’t see any new films this week.  (Instantly, I’ve lost all of my critic cred.) 


I didn’t see a film yesterday for three reasons:

a.  I’m not a fan of The Planet of the Apes story and cannot compel myself to see a film that segues into the existing films.  Despite being a major motion picture, I do have my personal tastes and watching humanity’s demise (Knowing can eat it) doesn’t appeal to me.

b.  The Change-Up was given a miserable rating on Rotten-Tomatoes and last-night’s birthday girl (my friend Miranda celebrated her 19th) elected not to take her party there. 

c.  Cate (I wonder if she’ll become a regular fixture here?) asked me if we could see X-Men: First Class and I happily obliged her.  (It was my fourth time seeing this.)


I will be writing at least two reviews in the next five days.  I say five because neither of these reviews will be for next week’s major motion picture release.  The first will be for an older film (1980s), Tootsie, which I watched today and found surprisingly enjoyable for a rather ridiculous premise.  The second will be for a recently released Irish film, The Guard. 

In addition to these reviews, this week, there will be the usual movie gossip post and hopefully a review of 30 Minutes or Less.

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