A long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams, I was a small boy.  Very small indeed, around eight years old.  With few friends and a malleable mind, I turned to books for solace and stimulation.  The first of these books was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  This novel kindled a love for the series and reading in general for me.  This love, which has defined me for much of my life, did not extend to the Harry Potter films.

While my review of the most recent Potter film was begrudgingly positive, films past had left me indifferent to the status of the series and wishing for the productions to end.  And, because of his titular status, Daniel Radcliffe soon became a negative figure in my mind.  I felt that the character he portrayed, while debatably accurate, was a very depressing protagonist whose sole purpose, it seemed, was to make me dislike him.  I realize though, that this was merely a character and that Radcliffe could be an excellent actor in his upcoming film.


I first heard of this film today when a trailer appeared in my news feed.  Radcliffe’s name caught my attention and I can say that I’m not disappointed by what I saw.  While only so much information can be gleaned from ninety seconds of video, the trailer is a marvel in itself.  The settings are cold and bleak (It’s just England, I know).  The voices are even colder and reciting some of the creepiest poetry I’ve ever heard.  Radcliffe, himself, seems to have matured from the filming of the last Potter film and now looks like an admirable adult actor. 

I can’t say much more other than that it appears to be an Anglicized version of The Grudge, by which I only mean to say that the two seem similar, that I’m actually looking forward to. 

The current release date is February 3, 2012.  The trailer may be viewed here.


Not so long ago, only about four years now, the first Ghost Rider film was released.  When I first saw it, I was enamored.  Unaccustomed to good films, I fell in love with the explosions and ridiculousness of Ghost Rider.  Upon a recent viewing of the film, I can tell you that it does not hold up to maturity.  The ridiculousness is less endearing and some scenes make me cringe in horror.  (Ignorance truly is bliss.) That said, I’ve no choice but to see the sequel, despite the frightening trailer that was just released.

In it, we gather little aside from the knowledge that Cage’s character is still forced to transform into the Ghost rider due to the prevalence of evil in the world.  In this film, the Ghost Rider is supposed to be more violent ("without conscience" was the phrase used in the trailer), and will likely lead to this film being more ridiculous than the first.  Evidentiary of this thought is a brief shot at the end of the trailer in which the Ghost Rider is seen literally pissing fire.

The release date is February 17, 2012.  The trailer may be viewed here.

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