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A (Not So) Brief Interlude

A Poor Apology (Read: Excuses)

So… I’ve been gone.  For two months.  Or three.  Though I think it’s been four since I was last updating regularly.  And that’s a bit depressing. But what can I say?  School is far from easy.  Learning new programming languages is time consuming.  As is reading Shakespeare, making statistics, performing discrete math (for those who don’t know, don’t ask), and trying to pass American politics without going to class.  All of that in addition to working part-time as a physical liaison in my university library’s IT department.  Yeah, I’ve been a busy bee.


Recap (Read: The Last Three Months, Abridged)

Tom had a job.  Probably still has a job.  He works at the Gelman library fixing computers for patrons and staff members.  His responsibilities also include a bunch of other weird tech things, but the official title is Student Staff Technician.

Tom still has a girlfriend.  Some might find that genuinely surprising. He’s spent most of the last two weeks there.

Tom is in California.  That’s where he lives.  It has been in the seventies for most of his stay and he will be more than depressed to return to blood-freezing temperatures.

Tom is surviving his education.  He is a computer science student at the George Washington University and has something like a 3.4 GPA.  If only he was actually learning things…


Another New Direction (Aren’t you loving these?)

So at first this was a whatever blog.  It contained whatever was on my mind and I attempted to write about it to the best of my ability.  I tried to make it openly accessible, no inside-jokes or dreadfully boring personal recounts.

Then it became a media blog with a heavy film focus.  I wrote about a considerable number of films from 2011 and some of the news that was leaked before the films reached theaters.

Now, (insert suspenseful music), it will sort of go back to the former.  It will be whatever I think is cool, but I’ll try to keep it to things that the public has access to: open buildings and spaces, stores, products, media, etc.  Stories will be kept to brief anecdotes because the world loves hearing about how I nearly die and yet remain out of a hospital.


To The Future

Let’s see if there’s anything new tomorrow.

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