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High Tides: A New Focus

Credit to, screenshot fo the day

Perhaps I’ll be able to use this side-project to my advantage.  Well, that’s a bit redundant.  I started this with goal of gaining a substantial audience and making a considerable sum of money.  However, as I’m fairly certain that nobody knows of this account, I’ll use it to keep myself on task.  Okay, that’s a bit funny, I’m going to blog to make sure I’m doing my work.  …Let’s stop the digressions. 

The new topic: Pirates of the Burning Sea

Not nearly as clean as Pirates of the Caribbean, but interesting nonetheless.  It’s an MMORPG, now operating a Free-To-Play subscription model, with a global audience.  Gameplay is fairly standard for MMORPGs, the main differences being the setting and ship-to-ship combat. 

I’m going to keep this post brief as it’s merely to serve as an introduction to this topic.  I’m playing the game to write a research paper on virtual economies with a possible focus on gold-farming.  As I play through, I’ll write on distinct aspects of this game and perhaps develop my paper through these posts. 

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